How do you Know He Loves you?


It’s been one of those days when I question God’s love for me. I know intellectually that he loves me, but my heart doesn’t always feel it. Luckily, love is not ruled merely by feelings. As I lay there pondering God’s love for me, part of a song from Disney’s Enchanted started going through my mind. My thoughts are in parentheses.

How do you know he loves you? How do you know he’s yours?

Well does he take you out dancin’ just so he can hold you close? (They say life’s a dance and that God wants to hold you close through it, so…yes?)

Dedicate a song with words meant just for you? (well there was that week in late January when you finally started to let God heal your old wounds and it was painful and that song “How He Loves” kept playing through your head for no reason and then they played it at the SPO event [hadn’t heard it there before or since]. And now it’s kind of like our song. So YES!)

Obviously real love amounts to more than these things.  But it was what I needed at the moment. And God does show us His love by sometimes giving us “humanly” signs of affection that we long for. It’s pretty cool the ways in which God speaks to us. He can use the seemingly most random things to remind you of his presence.

I wish people broke out into song all the time

our song.


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