We are all gifted.

This is a reminder I need to give myself often. We are all created in God’s image and have all been given dignity. Nobody can take that away from another. No personality trait can wipe it away. I have a tendency to judge others, often before I even get to know them. Something about them might irritate me and so I focus on that annoying trait and avoid them or I don’t treat them lovingly. But no matter how annoyed I get by someone, no matter how mad they make me, they still have human dignity. They still have gifts and I need to be better at looking for those gifts God has given each person, and not at the traits that annoy me. Because those annoying traits are more my own issues than that person’s. Lord, give me your eyes to see each person I meet as you see them. Let me not judge others by their looks or perceived intelligence or whatever other standards I have. Lord, free me from the culture of use so I may honor each person’s dignity and love them as you have called me to. Amen.


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