Will You Get in the Wheel Barrow


I heard this kind of humorous tale about faith and trust recently. It goes like this:

A man was tight roping across a canyon and he had a huge crowd watching him from below. He made it across successfully and the crowd erupted into cheers. They shouted “Do it again! Do it again! We know you can do it!”

So he said, “Should I do it blindfolded this time?”

“Yes! We believe in you! Do it again!

“Ok. What if I do it blindfolded pushing a wheel barrow?”

“Yes! We believe in you!”

“Do you think I can do it blindfolded, pushing a wheel barrow with someone inside?”

“Yes! We believe in you! You can do anything!”

“Ok. Who wants to sit in the wheel barrow?”

*cricket. cricket.*

You see, they believed in him as long as they didn’t have to get involved. As long as they weren’t personally taking a risk. And that’s kind of what life with God is like. It’s fine to say you trust Him and believe He can do anything. But are you willing to get in the wheelbarrow? I had an amazing opportunity present itself yesterday and if I go through with it, it’s going to take an amazing amount of trust. I’ll be taking a risk and changing plans that I thought would never change. The Lord is inviting me on a wheelbarrow ride across a canyon. I just have to decide if I’m going to get in.

I’ll let you in on the details once I make a decision.

Peace and blessings!


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