Life’s a Dance


…and God is the lead.

One of the many things I learned at SEEK is that I am not a good dancer. There was a swing dance the second night and I went to the lessons beforehand. I’m terrible. I could not get the steps down. I barely mastered the basic footing before they moved on to spins, turns, and dips. It was a humorous experience to say the least. I feel bad for the poor guys who had to be my lead!

This would have been better than my dancing

This is what I ended up doing by the end. Not really. But close.

The past few weeks since my return to Minnesota I’ve realized that not only am I literally an uncoordinated dancer, I’m also figuratively (or spiritually) a bad dancer. God is my dance partner, and being God, He is supposed to lead. And He tries. But I often miss His cues. I don’t always understand what move He wants to do next. So I stumble. I step on His feet, or one of my own feet. Or I let go of His hands, or fall because I didn’t trust Him to support me. Sometimes, however, I know what move He wants to do, but I don’t want to do it, so I try to take the lead. I think, “I’m not ready for that move,” or “That move is lame. Let’s do this one instead. ” But I’m a terrible lead. I wasn’t meant to lead the dance, especially when I have no idea what I’m doing.

Luckily God is love. And love is patient. I am so thankful that my dance partner is as amazing as He is. If I were in His place, I would probably abandon me and me call me hopeless. But God sticks by me. He waits for to regain my footing or to relinquish the lead back to Him. And then we try the dance again. Hopefully as I pick myself back up from my latest stumble, I’ll let Him keep control. And when I don’t know what the heck move He is expecting me to do, I’ll tell Him so that He can teach me. And I hope that I will trust Him to catch me if start to fall, because it’s really hard to catch someone who is convinced that you won’t.


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