New Year’s Penance


Virtually everybody makes new year’s resolutions and most people give up by the end of January. Instead of resolutions, my older brother does a new year’s penance. I guess it’s kind of like a resolution, but he offers it up to God on behalf of someone else. In 2010, he gave up alcohol for the conversion of our family (myself included at the time) and a few months after the year ended, I decided to become Catholic. Crazy, right?

So this year, I am doing a penance for my family as well, especially my younger brother. He’s struggling, though he would not admit it. For the next year I will not drink soda. Seems easy enough, but I became incredibly addicted to it last year. I don’t like coffee, so Dr. Pepper and Mountain Dew are the ways I get a caffeine boost when I’m tired. By the end of last semester, I was drinking at least one soda a day. I was hooked on the stuff. Talk about bad for my bones! And my bank account! I’ve been good so far. No soda. But let me tell you, has it been hard! I’m incredibly tired as I have not had caffeine in 10 days! And I used to have it everyday! I’ve had moments where I want nothing more than to run to CVS and buy a wild cherry Pepsi to wake me up. But I have resisted. It helps that I was in Florida for a week and prices were so high at the resort that I wasn’t that tempted to cave. And I haven’t eaten out much lately. I almost always got a soda with my meal when I ate out. It will be a habit that is hard to break. But it is a habit that I need to break and I offer this struggle to resist the sugary goodness for the souls of those I love.


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