A Call to be Holy


As I pack to leave the FOCUS conference tomorrow, I am a little sad. I have loved the last 4 days in Florida and all that I have learned from it. I worry that when I get back to Minnesota, I will go back to life the way it was before I left. But I desperately don’t want that. I have felt a call to be holy far more than I ever have before. I always knew that we are called to be holy in our lives. But I never really felt the call until this week. I never really saw the practical ways in which I could live out my holiness, and the ways that I was failing. I pray that when I get home on Monday, I will remain changed, that I will continually search my heart and mind for things that are keeping me from God. I pray that I will be more intentional with my friends, to take the time to hear about their triumphs and struggles and to be willing to be open and share mine as well.

I learned about a little something called feminine genius. It’s our unique ability to read the needs of those around us and to (hopefully) act on those needs. It’s an aspect of femininity that I don’t exercise very often. My hope is that I will make time to exercise it and therefore strengthen it. My hope is to find the courage and the ability to act on the needs I see in others. To be brave enough to say, “Hey. Can I help you with that?” And I pray that others will allow themselves to be vulnerable (vulnerability is not a bad thing despite what many people think) and courageous enough to let me help them.

There is so much more churning around in my head, but I have to finish packing so it will have to wait until a later post.


2 thoughts on “A Call to be Holy

  1. I so wish that the U of M had a FOCCUS group when I was there… my younger sister went to NDSU and had a really active Newman Center and FOCCUS team of which I’ve always been envious about šŸ™‚ It might have partially been my fault for living on the St. Paul campus so disconnected from anything happening on the Minneapolis side of things, though! I didn’t really get involved in anything until graduating and joining a young adult group. Glad that you had such a great experience and looking forward to hearing more!

    • We don’t actually have FOCUS yet. My Bible study leader transferred from UMD, who has FOCUS, and recruited a bunch of us to go with them. We do have a fairly active Newman Center though. And reaching out to the St. Paul campus is definitely something we need to work on more.

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