Seek and ye shall find


That’s theme of the SEEK2013 conference

I am currently in Orlando, Florida for the national conference that FOCUS ministries is holding. There are 6000 college students at the conference. It’s a bit overwhelming at times and is slow going when we all have to be somewhere at once. But excitement is everywhere and the Holy Spirit is definitely moving.It’s a 5 day of experience of mass, talks, music and fellowship.

It’s the second day and I’ve been to 4 talks. I’ve already been show much that I haven’t been able to process it all. Luckily, there is 24 hour adoration so I can spend time with Jesus himself and have him help me sort it all out.  I’ve heard about being an authentic women rather than the cheap knock-off that society creates and changes every decade or so. I’ve learned about the recent history of the Church in the past century and how the Church ended up in the turmoil it is presently in. I had no idea that there was so much dissent over Humane Vitae! I thought that it was just the culture around us that back-lashed, not priests and bishops within the Church. But I guess it explains a lot. And I’ve heard a lot about what it looks to live a life a character, a life Christian virtues. I am so excited to spend some time in prayer and to gain more insights into these topics and more. I am very glad that I decided to go this conference. I think it will be great!



One thought on “Seek and ye shall find

  1. Sounds like you are having a truly amazing experience. I’ll say some extra prayers for you, and try not to be overwhelmed by it all. Those youth conferences are great but can be a little much at times. 🙂

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