Progress and Moving Forward


If you haven’t heard yet, Obama has another 4 years. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve probably seen all the ecstatic statuses about moving forward and progress.

I just want to say that forward motion is not always a good thing. It kind of depends on what’s in front of you. What if moving forward means you fall off a cliff or crash into the car in front of you? Before we celebrate this moving the nation forward, I think we need to take a hard look at the destination. If you think that total moral relativism and an eventual banishment of religious voices (of any sort) in the public square are good things, well then carry on with your rejoicing.  Because that is likely where we will end up.

Progress, like forward motion, is not always good. It can cause problems, admittedly sometimes unforeseen. For instance, the industrial revolution was progress. It gave us some good things, but it also created all kinds of problems that we are still dealing with today. We have pollution and constant struggles over workers’ rights to name just two. Now, I’m not saying that we need to go back to the way things were before the industrial revolution and the technology that resulted. I’m just saying, we need to think about whether the perceived benefits are worth the consequences before we progress.

I can’t change the results of the election. I don’t have to like the results. But I do have to deal with them. And I will. Perhaps the next 4 years won’t be as bad as many people think they will be.  I hope they are just overly worried people. But only time will tell and though it scares me a little to not know what is in store, I know that Christ has overcome the troubles this world brings. And that makes me feel a whole lot better.

Peace and blessings.


4 thoughts on “Progress and Moving Forward

  1. Well said! What I appreciate about the results is that hopefully it will motivate me to make more consistent effort towards speaking out rather than being complacent…

  2. Very true. I tend to be complacent as well. I tried speaking out once and got so much backlash that I didn’t do it again. I like being liked too much. I need to get better at that. Only by God’s grace.

    • Ditto!! Conflict is so exhausting and frustrating to me and I get tired of trying to get through to people who won’t listen to reason or try to discuss things civilly. It’s tough enough to evangelize within the church, let alone to try to share it with the culture at large (or in my case… non-Catholic facebook “friends”). I think I’ve concluded that it’s the result of parents not teaching or reinforcing the faith at home… how can I convey to kids in my confirmation class the importance of loving God, loving others and finding joy in their faith if their parents don’t even take them to Mass on Sundays? By God’s grace, indeed! 🙂

  3. Vivien, I like your perspective. Keep within the Grace of God, and we’ll be fine. I generally take the point of view of the mess we are in as a Nation didn’t happen over the last decade, but has roots that go much farther back, so another four years aren’t going to change a whole heck of a lot on many fronts. Though, I too share the concerns to what it means to forcing a divide between being able to consciously follow God’s intended path. I don’t have hate towards President Obama, but I do not like his brand of “Christianity”- that we should follow Jesus’ “social gospel” as he puts it, but along the way knock over and step on every other part of His gospel on the way…

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