Fill These Hearts


Last night I went to this amazing talk at a local college with my small group. It was called “Fill These Hearts: God, Sex, and the Universal Longing.” It was a talk by Christopher West about Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. And he had some of his books on the topic there. I picked up a couple that I’m so excited to read them.It was such an educational night! I learned so much about why the Church’s take on sexuality is the most satisfying.  It filled me great excitement about God’s plan for me.

Essentially, marriage on Earth is a foreshadowing of Heaven. The union of man and woman gives us a taste of  what we will experience in eternity. But what we experience in eternity will not be fleeting and will be far greater than even the greatest pleasure on Earth. God gave us marriage to show us His love for us. And when Christ came, he asked for our hand in marriage. If we accept, then when we get to Heaven we will get to take part in an eternal wedding banquet and experience eternal ecstasy! I’ve heard the wedding analogy before, but something about last made me so much more excited for what that means.

He talked briefly about consecrated celibacy as well. Many people think they are depriving themselves of sex for punishment or because God doesn’t want us to indulge in pleasurable things. Ever. But really, they are simply focusing their desires on Heaven. They’ve realized that the Eternal wedding is far greater than any earthly marriage could be, and they are waiting for that. They are dedicating their lives to their eternal Bridegroom, getting to know Him more intimately through constant prayer. In the past, I’ve had brief moments where I’ve contemplated the religious life, but never in any seriousness. But now, I’m wondering if maybe I should consider more thoroughly the consecrated single life. Maybe I do want to wait for Christ and not think about the temporary glimmer of what is to come. I don’t know yet. But it sounds so appealing now. I know that kind of life takes hard work and discipline, but eternal bliss with Christ is worth it.

It might be time for me to get a spiritual director.

Peace and blessings!