I just love election season (sarcasm of course). People get so upset! Neither side of any debate tends to be tolerant. When you have firm beliefs, you’re not likely to be fond of other beliefs. You’re not likely to change your mind. You’re going to want everyone around you to think like you.

And when you live in a society, any society with any type of government, you’re going to have other people’s beliefs “forced” on you, no matter which side you fall on. There is a diversity of beliefs out there and when you live with millions of other people in a nation, somethings will not be agreeable to you. Some people are going to vote for things that make you mad. I think that everyone needs to calm down. Let’s stop calling each other names and accusing the other side of things that we are all guilty of. Vote according to your beliefs,  and realize that whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Unless something explicitly violates a constitutional right (right to life, a fair trial, freedom of religion or speech, etc.), then we just deal with it and respectfully disagree with one another. Nothing will ever be accomplished if we resort to bashing each other instead of having mature adult discussions. And that is my (un)political rant for the day.


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