One Year Later


RCIA is about to begin at the parish in which I was confirmed.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since I made the best and most important decision in my life. As I thought about the people who will join the Church at the next Easter vigil, I decided to look back on my journey. I looked at some of my old posts and re-read some of my prayer journal entries and I saw how much of a roller coaster that year was.

I pulled away from a lot of relationships that were important to me without replacing them with other relationships that would build me up. I took my sweet time meeting other Catholic students. I had a lot of emotional struggles with my mother’s health issues. I had a lot of job and school stress. As I saw the tone of many of my posts and journal entries, the loneliness of parts of this last year were almost palpable in some of my writing. I realized how important meaningful relationships are in this journey of life.  Christ is obviously the most important relationship we can have, but he gives us meaningful human relationships as well, because they help us grow.

This past week or 2 has also taught me the importance of these relationships. I’ve caught up with some of the friends I pulled away from and things are looking good. I’ve finally started to connect with fellow young Catholics and I see amazing relationships in the making. I am filled with so much hope and joy after meeting so many kind and caring souls at the welcome events that our 2 student groups have hosted. This year, I think my posts and my journal will take on a much different overall tone than the last year.

Peace and blessings!


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