And We’re off!


This morning mass was so crowded! It was amazing! People had to stand in the back. Two communion songs had to be sung because the line was so long (over the summer we didn’t even always need a whole song)! That can only mean one thing. The students are back for school! Seeing how packed it was made me super excited to get this year started! I think God is going to do great things at our campus parish.

The other awesome thing was how excited all the leaders of our two students groups were. Their enthusiasm for the welcome back events we have planned this coming week was contagious. They met students at the dorms and walked with them to mass so that they would know where to go. We shared information about events to help the newbies feel more at home and just hung out with some of them after mass in the gathering space. These people are fired up for God’s plan in a way that was refreshing to see. I don’t think I even saw this kind of excitement at the Protestant churches and student groups I used to attend that were known for their excitement. We have a packed first week back to school and I can’t wait to meet and form relationships with the new freshmen.

Prayers for our mission of reaching the students on this very large campus are much appreciated! Peace and Blessings!


2 thoughts on “And We’re off!

  1. You sound so excited! My university-aged kids have been or are involved in their campus ministries as well and I think it is such a blessing to have an experience of the Catholic faith on campus. Have a great nursing school year!

    • Thanks so much! I’m very excited for the work of our ministries and for this year of nursing school. It’s my final year so I have a mix of feelings about it. But it’s mostly excitement.

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