I just love election season (sarcasm of course). People get so upset! Neither side of any debate tends to be tolerant. When you have firm beliefs, you’re not likely to be fond of other beliefs. You’re not likely to change your mind. You’re going to want everyone around you to think like you.

And when you live in a society, any society with any type of government, you’re going to have other people’s beliefs “forced” on you, no matter which side you fall on. There is a diversity of beliefs out there and when you live with millions of other people in a nation, somethings will not be agreeable to you. Some people are going to vote for things that make you mad. I think that everyone needs to calm down. Let’s stop calling each other names and accusing the other side of things that we are all guilty of. Vote according to your beliefs,  and realize that whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Unless something explicitly violates a constitutional right (right to life, a fair trial, freedom of religion or speech, etc.), then we just deal with it and respectfully disagree with one another. Nothing will ever be accomplished if we resort to bashing each other instead of having mature adult discussions. And that is my (un)political rant for the day.


It’s starting to hit me


I just looked at my class credit audit for school and aside from the credits that are in progress this semester, I only have 8 more credits before graduation. Eight more! You need 120 to graduate. I’m actually starting to feel like a senior. It’s starting to hit me that in 9 months I will be a college graduate with a BSN. Talk about mild anxiety attack! I’m almost a real grown up! But thank goodness I don’t have to deal with the stress and responsibilities of these next few months on my own. I have an awesome God who will be there with me the whole way! Along with some pretty awesome people who He’s put in my life to support me. So much excitement! Peace and blessings!

Catholic Gentlemen


I am so happy to be able to say that the young Catholic men I know are such gentlemen! Last night SPO (one of our Catholic student groups) hosted a hog roast at the men’s house. It was the finale to their awesome week of welcome back to school festivities. The party (not in the typical college sense of the word) went well past nightfall and I live way on the other side of campus from the men’s  house. It’s at least a half an hour walk. But the men made sure that us women (there were several who had to go in my direction) were taken care of. One guy who lives out that way volunteered to walk us home. And then another young man felt more comfortable if more guys were with us, so he volunteered, even though he lives in the men’s house and had no reason to go that way. He told us that the guys tend to worry when us ladies head out on our own after dark. A lot people might be offended and think that these guys just think we’re damsels in distress and can’t take care of ourselves. But I find their concern and desire to keep us safe endearing. Let’s face it. There are a lot of crazies in the world and they come out in droves near my campus after 10p, especially in the neighborhood of the men’s house. A group of young women walking alone at night is exactly the kind of target they’re looking for. And it may not matter if you think you can take care of yourself, these people may be able to overpower you anyway. So I appreciate the fact that they want to see us home safely.

I think the best part of the night was that after we dropped the other ladies at their places and the guy who lives near us headed down the street to his apartment, I told the remaining guy that I was only a few blocks from my house and that I thought I’d be fine the rest of the way. I live on the safer side of campus and the last few blocks never really freak me out. But he really wanted to make sure that I got there ok, so he walked me the rest of the way. Of course this meant he had to head back to his house at 11:30 by himself which made me nervous. The care and concern of these young men is so touching, and I don’t think it’s something I’ve ever experienced in the last 21 years of my life. So ladies reading this, don’t despair. The species of the human gentleman does still exist. You just have to know where to look. Peace and blessings!

One Year Later


RCIA is about to begin at the parish in which I was confirmed.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since I made the best and most important decision in my life. As I thought about the people who will join the Church at the next Easter vigil, I decided to look back on my journey. I looked at some of my old posts and re-read some of my prayer journal entries and I saw how much of a roller coaster that year was.

I pulled away from a lot of relationships that were important to me without replacing them with other relationships that would build me up. I took my sweet time meeting other Catholic students. I had a lot of emotional struggles with my mother’s health issues. I had a lot of job and school stress. As I saw the tone of many of my posts and journal entries, the loneliness of parts of this last year were almost palpable in some of my writing. I realized how important meaningful relationships are in this journey of life.  Christ is obviously the most important relationship we can have, but he gives us meaningful human relationships as well, because they help us grow.

This past week or 2 has also taught me the importance of these relationships. I’ve caught up with some of the friends I pulled away from and things are looking good. I’ve finally started to connect with fellow young Catholics and I see amazing relationships in the making. I am filled with so much hope and joy after meeting so many kind and caring souls at the welcome events that our 2 student groups have hosted. This year, I think my posts and my journal will take on a much different overall tone than the last year.

Peace and blessings!

And We’re off!


This morning mass was so crowded! It was amazing! People had to stand in the back. Two communion songs had to be sung because the line was so long (over the summer we didn’t even always need a whole song)! That can only mean one thing. The students are back for school! Seeing how packed it was made me super excited to get this year started! I think God is going to do great things at our campus parish.

The other awesome thing was how excited all the leaders of our two students groups were. Their enthusiasm for the welcome back events we have planned this coming week was contagious. They met students at the dorms and walked with them to mass so that they would know where to go. We shared information about events to help the newbies feel more at home and just hung out with some of them after mass in the gathering space. These people are fired up for God’s plan in a way that was refreshing to see. I don’t think I even saw this kind of excitement at the Protestant churches and student groups I used to attend that were known for their excitement. We have a packed first week back to school and I can’t wait to meet and form relationships with the new freshmen.

Prayers for our mission of reaching the students on this very large campus are much appreciated! Peace and Blessings!