Passion of the Christ


I just finished watching The Passion of the Christ. I’ve put it off because I had heard how bloody it was, but then I decided I needed to get past my squeamish discomfort with the barbaric Roman death penalty. And I think everyone should watch it at least once. I’ve always tried to imagine what Christ went through once Judas had betrayed him and the Pharisees had him in their custody, but never did my imagination get that detailed. And never had the severity of my sins, and what was necessary to forgive them, hit me like that. I cried for pretty much the entire movie and just kept thinking “this is all my fault!” I don’t think I will ever look at my sins quite the same way any longer. Before it was easy for me to say, “Yeah, I sinned. But it wasn’t that bad. Could have been worse.” But now I realize that it doesn’t matter what the sin is. The cost to Christ was and is the same for all sins. Whether the film is 100% accurate, I’m not sure. But it sure gets the point across. Who else has watched this movie and what was your reaction?


2 thoughts on “Passion of the Christ

  1. I watched it so long ago when I was too young to understand the significance of everything. I need to go back and watch the movie again as it will have a deeper meaning now that I understand the faith more.

  2. I try to watch it every Lent during Holy Week… it is such a difficult film to watch! I need that annual reminder that Christ would have died that brutal death even just for me… I also cry for most of it, too.

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