Oh petitions


I read recently in the school paper that there is a petition going around to have chick-fil-a removed from campus. Since I attend a very liberal school this is not really all that surprising. I merely rolled my eyes and sighed upon this reading this. What did surprise me though is that as of right now it looks like the school will not be giving in. They are, for the time being, holding the stance that chick-fil-a has done nothing illegal. They don’t discriminate in their food services and there are no real grounds for removing their business from our student union cafeteria. Considering just how liberal my school is (eg. the student government is backing voting no to the proposed MN marriage amendment and has allied with MN united for all families) I was surprised that the school officials don’t want to cave to the pressure. We’ll see I guess how long that holds up if the petitioners put on enough pressure. But for now, I’m proud of the powers who be who are not going to punish a business for holding controversial views of marriage.


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