Facebook Hiatus


I recently made the decision to take a break from Facebook and not for the first time. And I am loving it this time around! I’m not sure yet, but it might be a permanent thing this time. In the past when I’ve given it up, it’s been grudgingly so and there were days when I wanted nothing more than to return and catch up with distant friends and acquaintances. But so far that has not been the case.

Facebook can be a great way to keep in touch with friends who have moved to other locations or for other reasons are just hard to keep in touch with in other ways. But, I realized that it was mostly just an unnecessary and huge distraction in my life. I must confess that I am a bit of a Facebook addict. I found myself constantly using the site and can give 3 main reasons for leaving.

1. I was quickly becoming one of those people I so affectionately call a Facebook “creep.” You  know, one of those people who sometimes cruises the profile of a former acquaintance/friend/significant other/etc. whom they really have no reason to be “keeping tabs on”. Honestly, the entire premise of Facebook makes it a lot easier to be creepy. And I don’t like it.

(At least it’s not quite as bad as real-life creeping…)

2. I would find myself envying my friends for one thing or another that they shared on their profile.  Facebook makes it very easy for things to look better in other people’s lives than our own, but I think it is because they can choose what to share and what not to. And they can embellish it a little, too. Definitely makes the grass look greener on the other side of the fence, even if it isn’t really.

3. Drama. Oh my word is there drama! Political drama, relationship drama, work drama. You name it, and it’s on Facebook. I was starting to find it just plain annoying. We all have things to vent about, but there are some things that we should keep between us and our closest friends, family, and God and need not be broadcast all over Facebook for our 400+ “friends.” We all have political views, but shouting them from the rooftop that is Facebook is most likely not going to change much.

I guess my leaving all boils down to one reason, It was drawing me away from God. It was taking time away from maintaining my real relationships and inciting feelings in myself that were not proper. So for the time being, until I can learn to control my use of the site better, I am staying away. And like I said before, I might make it permanent, because I must say, I’m enjoying having that extra time each day to spend with God and my real-life friends. Peace and blessings!


4 thoughts on “Facebook Hiatus

  1. I’m fairly new to FB. After this (almost) 2 months, there are times I regret having opened the account. So many people use offensive language. I don’t mean ordinary swearing. I hate the use of moron and the “r” word similar to it. Also, using God’s name in vain, and saying believers are following a “fairy tale”. But I do like the “opening” of different ideas, even if they’re things I oppose. People on Google+ seem so much kinder, but I don’t think G+ will ever over-take Face Book. I DO like being in touch with family. I wish you the best in your leaving that site. You’re quite a bit younger than I am, so maybe my skin is tougher…but I just may decide to join you one day. 🙂 Blessings!

    • Thank you for the well wishes! I do miss the ease of contacting a close friend or family member, but I suppose that is what the phone is for! The offensive language I’, glad to be rid of. Sometimes I’m amazed by what people dare to say these days. I think I’m a little bit too old fashioned for this generation 🙂

  2. I gave it up for Lent this year and enjoyed it for all the reasons you mentioned above! The only challenge I encountered was that most of my friends prefer to do event invitations via facebook and as a result, I had no idea what was going on. Several knew I was giving up facebook and were kind enough to forward event information to my e-mail during Lent… but I felt a bit guilty about requiring them to take that extra step just for my sake.

    • I do miss the invitations. Not many people realize yet that I’m gone so I hope I’m not missing important events with the student group I’m a prat of. But other than that, I really enjoy not being on Facebook. It’s such a time saver!

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