So now that lent is over, I’m back on all of the social media sites. One that I am particularly fond of is pinterest and today I stumbled upon someone’s pin that led me to find out about a wonderful cause that I want to share with you all. This organization is called END7 (as you might have been able to guess by the title). Here is a video explaining what they do.

As a nursing student, this is the kind of charitable organization that speaks to me. If you can, please consider donating a little. Or buy one of these shirts and the proceeds this week will go END7.

Peace and blessings!


7 thoughts on “END7

  1. In theory, I like end7. I just don’t know enough about them, about the genesis of the drugs they are using, about the pharmaceutical companies they are partnered with, to donate to them. As a Catholic, I take my responsibility to not use my money for the the wrong things very seriously. I do plan on investigating them though, as the work they do seems worthwhile and is obviously necessary.

    • That makes sense. I suppose I didn’t think to look at how the drugs are made but it sounds like none of the money that is donated actually goes to the drug companies (only goes toward the cost of getting the drugs to the people who need them) so that’s a plus. I appreciate the need to look into them more though. Let me know what you find out!

      • Yes, they say most of the drugs are donated, which is a good sign. I’ve just become a bit cynical when it comes to charities, even ones that seem wonderful. I won’t donate to the March of Dimes for instance.

      • Well, they’re primary concern (since the Polio vaccine was discovered) has been with prevent premature births. The only problem is that the main way they prevent them is by preventing the birth, through the use of abortion and “genetic counseling” (i. e. counseling people who carry genetic ailments not to pass them on to their children by having abortions or using birth control).

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