It’s official!


I’m Catholic!

My confirmation and first communion were wonderful! I had ached to take part in the Eucharist for months now and I finally got to. I was so excited! I was actually shaking while I was up front for confirmation.  My leg was going a mile a minute and I was afraid that it might give out on me, luckily it didn’t. I was also nervous that I would somehow look silly and the seminarian who helps Father Mark told us before mass, “when in doubt look devout.”  So that’s what I went for and I ended up not smiling much. It just resulted in me looking annoyed, rather than devout, in some of the pictures, but I promise I was excited.

Not quite the devout look I was going for...

Thanks for all the prayer and support you all have shown during my journey to the Catholic Church. It has meant a lot to me. This will definitely be a memorable Easter for the rest of my life and adds a whole other dimension to the significance of this day. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate Christ’s Resurrection than to become a full member of His body and the Church He founded.

Laying on of hands

My big bro came to support me

Now that I am officially in the Church, I have changed the name of the blog. I guess I’m no longer ”returning” to Rome. I’ve arrived. So now I have named it after my patron saint.

Father Mark and me after the mass

Happy Easter everyone! Christ is risen!


22 thoughts on “It’s official!

  1. welcome Home!!!!!! You will LOVE being Catholic! We are 8 years and counting, no turning back, no turning back 😉

  2. Thanks so much everybody! I really appreciate all the support I’ve felt from the Catholic blogging community! I’m so excited for everything that is ahead of me!

  3. Congrats!!! Welcome Home to Our Father’s House. You are now a part of the Family…The People of God, The New And Everlasting Israel… Vivat Christus Rex!!! Vivat Jesus!!!

  4. Reblogged this on catholicboyrichard and commented:
    FREAKED ME OUT…in a good way of course!!! This lovely young woman, Vivien Betland, entered the Catholic Church and was confirmed this Easter Vigil, 2012. Great, you may say…but what is the big deal? Well, her story was just featured on the “Why I’m Catholic” website. Her and I have never crossed paths, although we are both from MN. But imagine my surprise when the featured photo for her story was the same priest who confirmed me, 6 years ago, at the very same parish she now attends–St Olaf in Minneapolis, a mile from my home!!! Smal world so they say. BTW if you wish to see the BACK of Father Mark’s head look on my story, at the end of the article itself, just before the comments, and you will see this same priest administering Confirmation to me. What a huge family we have in Christ and in the Church. May God use Vivien in her work and future. And I have prayed for her without even knowing it. Very cool.

  5. Welcome Home!! I am a convert and how this brings back the most wonderful of memories in my life! God Bless, SR

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