When hopes are dashed


I wanted the summer internship at St. Jude so bad that the suspense was brutal. In my head I had already been accepted to the program and I was imagining what my summer would look like. I’ll admit that I already looked into the housing resources the St. Jude website provided and had looked into Catholic Churches in the area.  I was so excited to move to Memphis!

Then I found out that I didn’t get it. Suddenly my imagined summer was gone in a puff of smoke. I cried. I got a little upset with the Man upstairs ever so briefly for dashing my hopes. But then I tried to find some lessons in this that He is trying to show me. Here are a couple.

1. Last week at Adoration, Christ told me that I need to stop living in times other than the present, and especially to avoid the future. Now I know why. It’s harder to deal with a change in plans when you spent the last  2 weeks thinking as if they were already set in stone. Living in the future will only make it less enjoyable when you get there and it isn’t how you daydreamed it to be.

2. He says to me, “Trust Me! I’ve got a plan for you. I need you here this summer!” Now my task is to figure out why I need to be here and to truly trust that it will all work out exactly how He wants it to and for my own good.

I guess I’m just frustrated that all the internships I applied for turned me down, but it will be ok in the end. God has a plan and I will figure it out. Eventually.

Peace and blessings!


4 thoughts on “When hopes are dashed

  1. Trust me, I hear you. I’ve been there, and it sucks, but you’re right. Jesus has a plan for you that will far exceed your biggest dreams. Don’t let it get you down in this time of joyous preparation!

  2. Keep your chin up and never give up. There may be a lesson in all this but you just cannot see it right now. Just remember, you can do all things through Christ.

    God bless you

  3. I think Jesus wants you to go to Washington DC with me.

    I also believe that Jesus wants you to learn to play the fiddle so that you and me can bluegrass family band it up and then move to Tennessee or Alabama or Kentucky and make it big.

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