It’s all coming to an end…


…or maybe it’s just beginning.

Today was the last session of RCIA. The next time I see the other candidates will be in 2 weeks when we are all welcomed into the loving arms of the Holy Catholic Church at the Easter vigil. While part of me is sad that this part of the journey is coming to an end, I can’t help but rejoice that the rest of the journey is beginning. I have so much ahead of me to look forward to. So much more for Christ to teach me. And I am so ready to learn it all. I am so excited to get to participate in the communion supper. That has definitely been one of the tough parts of this journey, staying in the pews while others get to go receive the flesh of Christ himself. But 6 months down, 2 weeks to go! Hallelujah!


One thought on “It’s all coming to an end…

  1. I cannot help but anticipate this with you. You have no idea of the wonderful journey you will take from here. My life took a whole new turn after that Easter Mass. Cannot wait!!! God Bless, SR

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