Saint Gianna Beretta Molla


Yesterday I finally took the time to read the biography of my soon to be patron saint, Gianna Beretta Molla.  It was such an inspiring and touching story. There is nothing extraordinary about this modern day saint. She wasn’t a missionary, working with desolate, impoverished people. She didn’t found any religious orders. She just went about her everyday work and life, living in a way that spoke the gospel. As a physician, she looked at all her patients as if she was treating Christ himself. She was a devoted wife and mother, to the point of laying down her life to save her youngest child during pregnancy. She made a decision to continue the pregnancy, knowing that in the end, she probably would not survive long after the child was born. But being a strong Catholic woman, ending the pregnancy, and therefore her child’s life, to save herself was never an option. It took a courage that I fear few women these days have, or even want. I pray that this culture of death will see examples of true love, like this one, and have a change of heart. But I know that is going to take a lot of Divine intervention. Saint Gianna, pray for us.


One thought on “Saint Gianna Beretta Molla

  1. Wasn’t her life a beautiful example of loving God above all else? My husband and I named our daughter, who we miscarried in November, after her. We couldn’t think of a better name for a little girl who had gone home to God. Congratulations on entering the Church! I was a bit of an RICA junkie in college, so I know how important this time of the year is and how amazing the whole program can be. Many prayers for you and your sponsor!

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