The Wonders of a Cathedral


Whenever I walk into the cathedral or the basilica in the Twin Cities, I am left in awe and wonder. I can’t help but be silenced by the beauty. A sense comes over me that I am truly walking into the presence of the Lord, and my soul just stops fighting and rests. It’s glorious. I know people who have a problem with the extravagance of the buildings the Church has built throughout the ages, but I find it magnificent. I am left wondering how on Earth they built cathedrals long before they had the construction equipment we have now. I am left amazed by how sturdy these buildings are, able to withstand centuries of wear and tear. I am left with a sense of the wonder of God and can’t help but worship in the presence of such beauty, and I believe that was the intent of those who built those cathedrals and the artists who did all the paintings and statues. I am left feeling like I am truly a part of a group of people with a long history, like I am connected to all those who worshipped in those pews before I did. It’s absolutely glorious, no matter what others may say.

How can you not just want to worship at the sight of this beauty?!



One thought on “The Wonders of a Cathedral

  1. Whenever I walk into a Catholic Church, any of them, I too am in awe. I finally begin to realize why? It is because His fullness is in the Church. God Bless, SR

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