Wonders of the Universe


As many of you probably know, tonight is a full moon. Here in Minneapolis, the sky is clear which means that I got a splendid view of the moon as I was walking home from work. So big and bright on the horizon. As I looked at I felt this sense of peace and immense wonder. Here I am, one little human being on our one little planet, in our one little solar system, in our one little galaxy in this immense and vast universe. It makes me feel so insignificant. And yet there is a God who knows my name (and yours) and died for me (and you). The same God who created the greatness of the universe. And that’s pretty cool. Just thought I’d share.


One thought on “Wonders of the Universe

  1. I am so glad you did. My Dad used to tell me all the time, “When you think you are too big for your britches, just look at the ocean.” We are small compared to the vastness of the world, but we are so special and significant in the eyes of God. God Bless, SR

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