Another Angel


Now that Malcolm has a committed family, I’m going to start advocating for another wonderful person who needs a family, and fast.

Her name is Laurel. She turns 16 in August. At that point she will no longer be able to be adopted. This means she will have to spend her future in an adult mental institution. Thus far she has been lucky enough to live in an orphanage for older children, one that humanitarian groups have been involved with. But she needs a family before August so that her future is not taken from her. She is a smart and friendly child who just wants to have a real home. Please share her story and help her find  a place to be loved by 2 parents.

Peace and blessings!


They stole my heart


After posting about Malcolm earlier, I started to explore the Reece’s Rainbow site and my heart has been stolen by all of these beautiful children. The nurse in me wants to help all of them get healthy and it breaks my heart that they don’t have the loving families that can be so therapeutic for children with special needs. I want to adopt them all right now. But this little guy has especially stolen my heart; Neville. He is just so adorable.

Malcom Monday


Instead of music Monday, today will be about Malcom. He’s an adorable little boy with special needs who lives in an orphanage but will soon be transferred to an adult mental institution when he turns 5 in April. If you have the means, please donate to his fund. This can be used toward the cost of his adoption. Currently he is at $7,204, thanks to advocacy from Leila over at Little Catholic Bubble, but he needs more. Any amount will help raise his fund and if you can’t donate, please share his story with your friends. And take a look at some of the other children at Reece’s Rainbow. They all need help from us.

And check out this video of Malcom. How adorable is he?

UPDATE: I just found out that a wonderful family really wants to adopt this little guy, but they will need all the help they can get. Their blog has a breakdown of the funds they need, which come to an estimated total of just over $45,000! Please check out their blog (following the link in the above sentence) and the ways you can help them.

*He’s up to 8, 458.36! Please, please, please keep donating! Let’s bring Malcom home!


** Malcolm has a family officially committed to him! Praise the Lord! Thanks to any support you all may have offered him!

It’s all coming to an end…


…or maybe it’s just beginning.

Today was the last session of RCIA. The next time I see the other candidates will be in 2 weeks when we are all welcomed into the loving arms of the Holy Catholic Church at the Easter vigil. While part of me is sad that this part of the journey is coming to an end, I can’t help but rejoice that the rest of the journey is beginning. I have so much ahead of me to look forward to. So much more for Christ to teach me. And I am so ready to learn it all. I am so excited to get to participate in the communion supper. That has definitely been one of the tough parts of this journey, staying in the pews while others get to go receive the flesh of Christ himself. But 6 months down, 2 weeks to go! Hallelujah!

Saint Gianna Beretta Molla


Yesterday I finally took the time to read the biography of my soon to be patron saint, Gianna Beretta Molla.  It was such an inspiring and touching story. There is nothing extraordinary about this modern day saint. She wasn’t a missionary, working with desolate, impoverished people. She didn’t found any religious orders. She just went about her everyday work and life, living in a way that spoke the gospel. As a physician, she looked at all her patients as if she was treating Christ himself. She was a devoted wife and mother, to the point of laying down her life to save her youngest child during pregnancy. She made a decision to continue the pregnancy, knowing that in the end, she probably would not survive long after the child was born. But being a strong Catholic woman, ending the pregnancy, and therefore her child’s life, to save herself was never an option. It took a courage that I fear few women these days have, or even want. I pray that this culture of death will see examples of true love, like this one, and have a change of heart. But I know that is going to take a lot of Divine intervention. Saint Gianna, pray for us.

Love Your Enemy


I stumbled across this picture and I was speechless and almost moved to tears.

A group of African American physicians and ER staff are treating a Ku Klux Klan member. You can tell that they are definitely doing all they can to save this man. And there is no hiding, based on his attire, that he is in fact a KKK member. I can’t imagine how difficult it must have been for these individuals to fervently try to save this man. Talk about love your enemy.  I hope that this man was grateful for these individuals. Maybe this situation changed him. I guess we can never really know. But I thought I’d just share this very inspiring photo.

St. Jude


I just applied for a summer nursing internship at St. Jude Children’s hospital in Memphis. I am beyond excited at the idea of possibly working there this summer! I have dreamed of working there for a few years now. I love working with kids and I love that families don’t have to pay a thing in order to be treated there. I love all the work in research as well direct care that they do in order to remove the awful disease of cancer. Healing these children physically and the families emotionally and spiritually would be an amazing learning experience and such a blessing! And spending my summer in Memphis, TN wouldn’t be so bad either. If I let myself, I know that I am going to be super anxious over the next few weeks waiting to hear back. Pray that I will trust God’s plan in it all, no matter what the result may be.

Peace and blessings!