7 Quick Takes Friday


1. My first Ash Wednesday was…a challenge. Let’s just say I like food, and my body gets mad at me when I don’t eat my normal amounts. I made the  mistake of eating my one regular meal around 11:45 in between classes. That was a little early and the baked potato I ate at 6pm only lasted in my stomach for 5 minutes. My body is very attuned to low blood sugar and I felt it quickly. I got a headache and felt rather dizzy. And my stomach was probably quite distracting to my roommates (it was shouting at me all night). But I suppose that’s part of the purpose of fasting. If it was comfortable, why would we bother?

2. I felt a little self conscious walking home from the on-campus mass with ashes on my forehead. It was pretty cool though.

3. I gave up my space heater and electric blanket for lent. For a Minnesotan, I have a strange resentment toward cold, so I figured this would be the biggest challenge. And our house is old and has the most ineffective radiators I’ve ever witnessed. Now I know what all those people without homes must feel like when they hunker down for the night, maybe without even a blanket.

4. I’ve also decided to get up earlier and pray the rosary before class. When I first bought my rosary, I planned on praying it everyday but that fell by the wayside when school got under way. No better time than now to start the habit for real.

5. My mom’s heart valve replacement surgery has finally been fully approved and scheduled. March 6th she’ll be going in. It’s not open heart, which is good but there are still all the risks that go along with general anesthesia. Prayers will be much appreciated!

6. There are only 6ish more weeks until my confirmation and first communion! Every time I go to mass I get more and more excited. Not sure I’ve ever been more excited about something in my life.

7. I finally found a sponsor. My wonderful uncle has agreed to do this for me. He is such an inspiration with the strength of his faith in spite of all the pain he has experienced in his life (which is more than most people I know). And he is so open about it, willing to share and talk about it with anyone. I think he is the best sponsor I could have asked for.


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