Sex and the Church


One of my roommates and I were studying for our upcoming tests in our nursing courses. One of our other roommates was in the room. We got to talking about a condition during pregnancy where the placenta is before the baby in the uterus. Essentially this means that the placenta is blocking the baby’s exit and a C section is inevitable. It also means that a woman cannot have sex while pregnant when this condition is present because she will bleed which would not be good for her or the baby. This got us talking a little about sex during pregnancy in general. One of the gals asked me then how the Church feels about sex during pregnancy since obviously the woman cannot get pregnant from the act. I must say that I was not quite prepared for this question and thus, I answered it briefly and poorly. My response definitely did not do the Church’s teachings on sex justice. There is a lot of confusion surrounding what the Church teaches and being that it’s all over the media right now, it’s an important thing to clarify. So I was inspired to write this post.

Here’s what I think my roommate (and much of America) thinks the teaching is (though I could be wrong): sex when procreation is not a possible result is considered sinful.

And here’s what I understand the Church’s teachings to actually be.

Sex has 2  main purposes. The big one is procreation (duh). The second is bonding between husband and wife. This bond will help facilitate the successful raising of children and a healthy family. A married couple is free to have sex at anytime they want, whether or not the woman is capable of becoming pregnant. What the Church is not ok with is the artificial removal of a woman’s fertility. The alteration of a healthy, normally functioning reproductive system is what the Church teaches against. So if the wife is in the natural non-fertile portion of her cycle, sex is still ok. The second purpose of it is still being fulfilled. They are still strengthening their bond in the context of marriage. If the woman is pregnant and therefore incapable of becoming pregnant (again) there’s nothing wrong with having sex.

So, essentially these are the 2 rules:

1. Wait to have sex until you are married.

2. Do not mess with the normal functioning of the reproductive system.

If these 2 rules are met, then you are basically golden!



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