Church Membership


I just wrote up my resignation to send into the elders at my old church back home. A part of me is sad. That’s where I first found Christ and God’s saving grace. Without everyone at that church welcoming me in and encouraging me, I probably wouldn’t be where I am. While I no longer agree with much of their doctrinal beliefs (except the things that were retained from Catholicism after the split), I have a special place in my heart for everyone at that church and will continue to pray for them and help them if they ever reach out to me in need.

Another part of me is relieved. I’ve been putting this off for awhile because it may sever ties with people that I care about. But it is time for me to be fully prepared to become a member of the Catholic Church in just 8 more short weeks. It’s  one more thing off my check list of preparing for the Easter Vigil. Next on the list is to turn in all the things the Church needs (baptismal certificate, parents’ names, etc.) before I am confirmed. I am so looking forward to April 7. I can finally see the finish line of this journey to Christ’s church and I am so excited!


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