The Single Life


…isn’t so bad.

People in my life desperately want me to have a boyfriend. My roommates, my friends, and most of my family. At times, it can be irritating that they think it’s so important for me to be in a romantic relationship (especially since I have a slightly different view than many of my friends about the purpose of relationships and how they should look). I know, though, that they just want me to be happy and think that this is a good way to achieve that, so I can deal with their expression of this wish for me most of the time. But I’ll be honest. I’m content being single at this stage of my life and I’m not really looking that hard for a guy to be romantically involved with. Here are my reasons.

1. I believe that the purpose of relationships is to find the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. In others words, dating is the search for your spouse. At this point in my life, I am in no rush to get married. Marriage is not even on my radar. So, I’m also in no hurry to start looking for my spouse. I have plenty of time to find them in the future, if God in fact plans for me to marry.

2. I am one busy gal. Full time nursing student with 2 part time jobs who is looking for ways to volunteer and help those in need while finding ways to grow in my faith. I barely have time to go on a single date, let alone begin a full-fledged relationship. If I started dating a guy,  I would not have the time to take care of and give the relationship what it needs. And that wouldn’t be fair to either one of us.

3. I enjoy the fact that right now it’s just me and God. When I have a decision to make, there’s only One other that needs to be consulted. It’s not me, God, and some other guy whose opinion now matters to me. I enjoy having this period of my life when I can really strengthen my faith and prepare myself for whatever God has in store for my future. Someday, maybe I’ll be strengthening the faith of the couple I’m a part of, but for now I’m content on my own.

Of course I’m by no means ruling out the option of dating. If God places a young man in my path who has similar values as me and there are mutual feelings, then by all means, I might give it a shot. But like I said, until then, I’m not looking that hard. I’m not going to go out of my way at this point in time to find that special someone. Someday I might, but not right now.


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