Sweet Home Alabama


I spent the past week in Mobile, Alabama working on a Habitat for Humanity build. We had a chance to explore the area on the first 2 days before we got down to work. This post is just some of my observations from the trip. I might expand some of these in later posts but this is the basics.

1. There are sooo many churches in the south. Baptist, Episcopal, and many other denominations and typically 3 or 4 of each in an area. We spent an hour trying to find the church we were staying at in Mobile and found at least 20 others in the general area. It was crazy. Only one of these was Catholic.

2. The churches in the south are great at serving others. They have lots of local programs to help those less fortunate, and those who have gotten into some trouble,  get on the right track. It’s something I don’t see enough of from churches in the Midwest, or at least not from most churches in my area.

3. There is a huge Catholic hospital (1 of 5 hospitals)  in Mobile. I want to work there someday.

4. A lot more work and detail goes into building homes than I expected.

5. I learned different portions of every stage of building, from framing the house to the final paint touch-ups just before the homeowners move in. It was so cool.

6. When you put 9 people together for a week and make them ride in a 15 passenger van for 20+ hours (twice in one week) odds are at least 2 will not see eye to eye. This often leads to tension.

7. Southerners are so friendly and the guys are gentlemen. I love it.

8. Accents are pretty cool. I want one.


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