With the start of the new year, I thought I’d sit down and think about some of the major and memorable events of 2011. Some were blessings, other struggles and stress. But all played a role in the amazingness of 2011.


I went on an awesome retreat with Invervarsity, a Christian fellowship that I helped lead last school year. It was great bonding with the other leaders and students that went. Great memories. Great growth in my faith.


God granted me another birthday.


relatively uneventful


The start of another Minnesota Twins season and another awesome summer at Target Field. I met some amazing new coworkers and formed even stronger relationships with the “veterans.”


Passed all of my finals!

Started getting to know a great guy who would help me grow so much in my faith.

Saw Bruno Mars in concert with the best friend.


Worked like crazy (as with the rest of the summer) and made all kinds of memories with the guys I take care of at ACR. I was so blessed to get to hang out with 4 great, totally care free guys with amazing personalities.


Epic fourth of July fireworks in Bloomington. Best display I’ve ever seen with some great company.

Front Row!

Such a great talent!

Saw Josh Groban in concert, again with the best friend. We got moved from the back of the arena to front row. No big deal. Ok I might have freaked out a little bit (meaning I was shaking so much that I’m surprised I didn’t fall down on our way to our new seats).

Made the decision to seriously look into the Catholic faith.


A sad end to a relationship I’d grown fond of. But it was for the best.

Got a job at the campus art museum as a gallery guard.

Three amazing new roommates move in. And three of us remained from the previous year. There has been much bonding since then.


RCIA classes begin at St. Olaf in Minneapolis. I began to learn all about the Catholic faith and was now sure that I would become a member of the catholic church.

The start of another semester of nursing school and the first round of clinicals. I got to work with some awesome ladies in my group, who would help me grow and learn so much as a nurse to be, along with some members of the community healthcare teams in Minneapolis.


Grand re-opening of the campus art museum. Complete with a crazy busy weekend of festivities

My mom was hospitalized and diagnosed with heart failure. Her scheduled heart surgery had to be cancelled due to other complications that arose. She was finally discharged after almost 2 weeks in the hospital.

Went on leave from ACR for almost 2 months. It was hard to leave the guys for so long, but it brought some much needed relief during a busy, stressful semester.

I started this blog to share and, when necessary, defend my faith. it has been a great tool to help me reflect on events in my life and find God’s purpose for it all.


Started the second round of clinicals on the OB/post partum floor. I got to see 2 births. What a joy and a blessing to see new life enter the world! The other weeks I got to take care of mothers and their newborns. I feel so privileged to have been able to play a role in such an important part of the lives of these families.

I was finally fully handed over the reigns to Thanksgiving dinner. Made the whole thing on my own. I’ve been helping my mom out for years, but this year I did it all.


I returned to ACR feeling much better and no longer on the edge of a breakdown from stress.

Three of the roommates and I attended the U of M quidditch team’s yule ball. That’s right the U of M has a quidditch team.

The lumber jill and I

Christmas at 1201

All of the roommates help put up and decorate our christmas tree, that we got for free because one of us is a lumberjill (female lumberjack) and we even strung some popcorn.

After a busy week and half of studying for finals and writing clinical papers, I passed all of my classes with no less than an A-. Not what I was expecting at all in at least one class!

My first midnight Christmas mass with my older brother. It was beautiful. I could feel the joy of the birth of Christ filling the cathedral. And God showed me amazing things this Christmas season.

My mom is deemed a candidate for a newer kind of valve replacement surgery. They won’t have to open her up in order to do the procedure!

Spent my new year’s eve with 2 of my best friends from high school and one of their families. It was such a blessing to spend time with people I love so much and celebrate the ringing in of another year.

This year definitely had its struggles, but I learned from it all. I wouldn’t change a thing that happened. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for 2012! God bless!


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