The Joy of Life


As many of you know, I am a nursing student at the U of M. This semester I am in a clinical rotation in an OB/midewifery unit at one of the local hospitals. Each week, 2 of the students on my unit get to spend their Wednesday watching labors and deliveries. Today was my turn. I watched 2 baby girls enter this world and never before have I experienced such a joyful situation! The deliveries were very different from each other, but both ended with parents tearfully holding their brand new little bundle.

I arrived at the clinical site at 6:40 this morning and was immediately ushered into the midwife unit by my instructor because there was a birth about to happen. By 6:52 am this mother had delivered her precious little girl. It was amazing. The parents almost collapsed with joy! It was beautiful. I had to fight back my tears. I’m not easily moved emotionally by situations that I have no real connection to (I don’t typically sob at movies or reading books), but this just got me in spite of only being there for the last 10 minutes. You could just feel the love and happiness emanating from the parents as they held their little girl, who, by the way, has about 6 names right now because they can’t decide on just one. Another amazing thing about this birth was that she had been pushing for about an hour before I got there and had been in labor since Monday night. She did all of this without any pain meds. That takes some strength and courage.

The sad thing about today was that it reminded me of all the babies who are intentionally not given a chance to experience the love of their parents and warmth of their touch. It reminded me that everyday thousands of babies lose their life before they get to experience all the sensations that life outside the womb greets them with. It reminded me of all the loving couples who want to have children but are unable to for whatever reason and the nameless children who didn’t have a chance to be adopted and loved by them. So today after witnessing the joy of birth, I will grieve for the lost souls and pray for the end to abortion. I will celebrate the life of all babies, born and unborn. Will you join me?


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