A Day of Firsts


Where do I even begin? Today has been an amazing day with lots of firsts, big and small.

Today was my first All Saints day and my first Holy day of obligation since deciding to become Catholic. Technically, I was not actually obligated to attend mass since I have not been confirmed yet and fully initiated into the Church, but since I have pretty much made my decision, I decided that I should go (with some nudging from my big brother). It was definitely a different experience than regular Sunday mass. There were a lot less people than usual and the mass was a little shorter than I’d experienced thus far. I definitely felt like I might have stuck out a little more than usual because of my persisting mild unfamiliarity with the little details of mass with so few people present for me to blend in with. But it was also a lot easier to understand what people were saying in response to the priest with fewer voices chiming in and becoming blended. It was a good experience. I definitely enjoyed my first all saints day.

Today was also the first time I went up to receive a blessing while others received the Eucharist. Usually I just stay in my pew and let people climb over me. But today I went up and it was kind of awkward. I knew that if I went up I was supposed to cross my arms over my chest so the that the priest would know I just wanted a blessing and not the body of Christ. So I did this, but I had no idea how a blessing happens. Apparently, the priest lays his hand on your head and I’m assuming says some sort of brief prayer or something. When I got up to him, I had my arms crossed and was standing just a little too far for him to reach my head. He just looked at me at first and I thought that he didn’t know why I had my arms crossed and I just looked back waiting for something to happen. I guess he realized that I wasn’t going to get any closer because he finally motioned for me to step forward a little just as I was beginning to tell him that I just wanted a blessing. He then layed his hands on my head and then I walked away feeling completely awkward and so  unlearned in how mass operates but I’m slowly picking up on it all. I’m still not sure if this was more awkward or if it would have been less so to just let people climb over me as usual. I guess now that I know how it goes, it might be less uncomfortable the next time I go up.

And I bought my first rosary today! It’s a decent amethyst one and I bought a “pray the rosary” book to guide me because I have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to this kind of thing. I have no experience whatsoever with prayers of repetition. I’m kind of excited to learn how to do this. The first few times I will probably just fumble my way through and not really meditate on the mysteries of the rosaries. But eventually the words and movements will become second nature and I will be able to focus on the purpose of praying the rosary. I’m excited for that day to come. I feel very blessed today and I really feel God’s peace brought by Christ as I become more and more a part of His Church.  There are probably a lot more firsts ahead of me and I can’t wait to experience them! Glory and power to the Lord forever, Amen.

My rosary


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