Sunday Mornings


One change in myself that I’ve noticed since becoming Catholic is that I actually  long to go to church on Sundays. As a Protestant I would plan on going to service Sunday morning but if my alarm went off and I didn’t feel like getting up, I didn’t.  Of course, it was always encouraged for me to go to church but there was no real reason, that I could see, for me to go every single week. I can worship God and pray on my own. I realized that I could listen to the sermon later online so there was no need to inconvenience myself by getting out of my nice, warm, comfortable bed if I didn’t want to. Sure, it would be nice to see my friends and talk to them before and after the service and have “fellowship,” but in all honesty, I can see them later this afternoon, after I’ve gotten another hour or two of sleep. So what’s this big deal if I don’t go this week?

I did notice, however, that if it was communion Sunday, I almost always made the effort to go, no matter how tired or drained I was. There has always been something about communion that I felt was very important, even if Protestants only thought of it as a symbol. This was something that I could not participate in later online or with my friends at Caribou that afternoon. I had to be there to partake of it, so I would drag myself out bed and into the church. I think that my strong love of communion Sunday was God’s way of preparing me for what the Catholic Church has to offer, Christ Himself. Even though I cannot participate in the Lord’s supper at mass until my confirmation at Easter, I have a strong desire to go to mass and at least be there while others partake of it, to be in the physical presence of my Lord, not just His spiritual presence. No matter how tired I am in the morning, I find a way to get out of bed and go. And no matter how drained I feel, there’s a peace I find by attending mass weekly. There is a reason, now, for me to go every week.


2 thoughts on “Sunday Mornings

  1. I feel the exact same way. When I was Protestant I felt obligated to go to service, never mind even feeling like it was going to do me any good. Now it’s so exciting to actually look forward to going to Mass.

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