Beauty of Creation


My nursing ethics professor has been teaching my class to do weekly self care. As nurses, we will constantly be taking care of others and if we don’t take care of ourselves as well, we will start to do poorly in our roles as caretakers. So, I have begun to make it a habit to go for weekly walks by the river. I bring my notebook, a pen, my Bible, and some beautiful music and I walk.

Why did I choose this for my weekly care? Because I never feel closer to God than when I am walking among all the things He created. I never enjoy scripture more than when I am looking out on a flowing body of water, care-free and going wherever the Lord directs it. Nothing brings me more comfort and peace than to spend time alone with God. And the easiest way to get that uninterrupted alone time is to walk by the river. I am so glad I picked a college with a gorgeous river running through campus to provide this beautiful solace.

Today my walk was around sunset and I brought my camera along. And this is why I love to go for walks for my weekly self care.

Sunset view of the skyline from the river paths.


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