Every Knee Shall Bow


This is one thing I love about Catholic mass that I can’t say I ever witnessed in my Protestant experience. Every knee (that is physically able to) bows before the King of kings. Before sitting down in the pews, people take a moment to kneel and bow their heads before Jesus our Lord. Many then proceed to kneel in the pews and pray before mass begins. Before participating in the Lord’s Supper, there is, you guessed it, more kneeling. Catholics are constantly kneeling before the Son of man! That might be because He is truly present at mass in the Eucharist, but that is a post for another time. Whatever the reason may be, I love that about mass.


4 thoughts on “Every Knee Shall Bow

  1. The proper term for the one knee bow before entering the pew is a “genuflect” which sounds like “Jen you flecked” 🙂

    There are is an approximately 48 hour period of time when you don’t genuflect, which is from the completion of the Holy Thursday Mass until the beginning of the Easter Vigil Mass because Jesus is removed from the tabernacle and kept in an altar of repose somewhere else in the church. The tabernacle doors are left open and the Candle of the Presence is extinguished.

    • This is all very good to know. I think I knew that it was called genuflecting but I couldn’t think of the word when I was writing this. Thanks for all the good info.

  2. The Mass was foretold in Revelation when John was taken up to heaven. The Mass is a type of heaven, a holy place where we meet the Lord. Contrast with the business meeting service of protestants. I’m taking a course on the Mass at my local parish. With that said, it’s been hard lately to focus at Mass because we have a one year old toddler who won’t sit still. So my wife and I take turns in watching him as he wanders around the sanctuary. we hope we’re not offending too many people. But slowly and surely we’ll get him used to it.

    • I love when there are little ones at mass. We’re all God’s people and I think they should be included, even if they don’t sit still or make noise. They are just so cute and kids will be kids.

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